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   warcraft 3  
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   finland vs ukraine 16-14*  
   finland vs belgium 25-5  
   finland vs sweden 16-7  
   finland vs norway 21-9  
   finland vs iceland 17-13  

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   :: Raw video material from intel cyber cup

I haven't still managed to edit up a good video, but for those who have high speed connections, my raw digital video cam material in Windows .wmv format is at:

Hopefully I'll edit up a nice summary of the material, which is more suitable
for both downloading and viewing, as the raw material contains lots of excess stuff with my amateur camera skills.

They're in 640x480 25fps if I remember correctly. Don't mind some of the "freezes", they're taken with the "photograph" feature of the videocam. It takes a photo and records like 5 seconds of it on to the tape.

Greets to everyone present at the event, and congrats to dsky.


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   :: Events

ESL Europen Nations Championship (ENC)
(updated 8.1.2004)

Intel Cyber Sport Cup
(updated 1.3.2004)

   :: News

Take-off for Cologne
(updated 3.9.2004)

ENC Finals postponed to 4th/5th September
(updated 19.7.2004)

Preparing for LAN Finals!
(updated 13.7.2004)

Win! Against Norway
(updated 3.6.2004)

Sverige förlorar!
(updated 23.5.2004)

Won Belgium!
(updated 11.5.2004)

Dooberi new CS captain
(updated 28.4.2004)

Victory over Ukraine
(updated 27.4.2004)

(updated 22.4.2004)

Raw video material from intel cyber cup
(updated 5.4.2004)

Intel Pentium 4 Cyber cup started
(updated 27.3.2004)

Intel Cyber Sport Cup
(updated 1.3.2004)

CS team praccing
(updated 9.2.2004)

Finnish victories!
(updated 7.2.2004)

Counter-Strike team announced
(updated 4.2.2004)

WC3 team announced
(updated 21.1.2004)

ESL Europen Nations Championship (ENC)
(updated 8.1.2004)

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5.4.2006 21:11
Its so much fun
31.5.2004 23:16
23.5.2004 23:26
<- le hand
18.5.2004 23:09
Pelatkaa jo se vai eikö kalastajat sun muut uskalla? ;D
16.5.2004 18:49
Hyvä sama screenshot 2x