:: Team Finland
   warcraft 3  
 games + screenshots  
   finland vs ukraine 16-14*  
   finland vs belgium 25-5  
   finland vs sweden 16-7  
   finland vs norway 21-9  
   finland vs iceland 17-13  

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   :: News

   :: Take-off for Cologne

We're departing soon (15:40) EET from Helsinki to Cologne.

Wish us luck and victory! :)


   :: ENC Finals postponed to 4th/5th September

The date of the Finals has been postponed to 4th/5th September, as some
of the teams had problems with the original date of 7th/8th August.

   :: Preparing for LAN Finals!

We are preparing for the CS LAN Finals on the ENC competition to be played in Cologne.

   :: Win! Against Norway

Woohoo! Our guys tenderly kicked Norway's ass. GG.

   :: Sverige förlorar!

We won against Sweden.


   :: Won Belgium!

Woo woo!

GG's to Belgium.

   :: Dooberi new CS captain

Dooberi takes the responsibility for CS team! Haa! Suffer!

Rock on.


   :: Victory over Ukraine

The CS team won over Ukraine.


   :: Tiltgames

I'm helping out as an admin at http://www.tiltgames.tv (Tiltgames), a Counter-Strike event being held in Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Finland, this weekend.

I'm coding a tournament server add-on to help run the matches.

Will probably shoot some video coverage as well.

Update 22-04-2004:

Have 1 mini-DV tape of video coverage. Need to capture it to computer.


   :: Raw video material from intel cyber cup

I haven't still managed to edit up a good video, but for those who have high speed connections, my raw digital video cam material in Windows .wmv format is at:

Hopefully I'll edit up a nice summary of the material, which is more suitable
for both downloading and viewing, as the raw material contains lots of excess stuff with my amateur camera skills.

They're in 640x480 25fps if I remember correctly. Don't mind some of the "freezes", they're taken with the "photograph" feature of the videocam. It takes a photo and records like 5 seconds of it on to the tape.

Greets to everyone present at the event, and congrats to dsky.


   :: Intel Pentium 4 Cyber cup started

We are currently at the Reval Hotel Latvia and participating with 'Team SISU':

diGitaL (c)

Report 28.3.2004 18:46:

Doh... we lost against M19. We put up a good game, though. Even as we had to throw in a 'mixed' team at last second, everyone played well. gg's. Now free time in Riga before leaving on Tuesday ;)

Report 28.3.2004 17:20:

We're soonish starting our next game against M19 (in losers bracket), which will obviously become a tight match. The loser goes home, winner proceeds.

Report 28.3.2004 15:44:

Woo! Victory! We won our match against disco.net.

Next coming up map cbble against a still unknown opponent.

We shall conquer! ;)

Report 28.3.2004 15:18:

Whoa. Finally got WLAN access, so can surf and update things.

I forgot to mention that every female worker here seems to have a maximum standard length for skirts (10 cm?), and they all look like porn stars. Hmm..

We lost our first game, was a tough one. It's a double elimination bracket, so we're still up for the main game.

Yesterday we won 4 (or 5?) games. Didn't get easy net access so I didn't gather the scores, have to find them from somewhere.

We won at least against oracle, 101, disco.net, virtus.pro (seeded).

We lost against Pentagram 2S.

We're now again playing against disco.net, which was yesterday's toughest game for us, I believe.

The tournament is well organized.

Positive: Lots of workers, things get sorted out.

Negative: lots of noise in the gaming area: some teams get a huge benefit from being able to play next to people who don't make noise, as opposed to our last game against Pentagram 2S we were surrounded by VERY LOUD teams and we couldn't hear our own team talk. Very bad. In addition to that, we even had a referee which seemed to pick on our team talk, meaning that if we accidentally said something after death - something completely irrelevant stuff regarding the game, not effecting the outcome that is - he tapped on the shoulders and said to be silent. This obviously had effect to our team, which didn't communicate loud to begin with.

Even as I pointed out the team talk issue, the tournament is very good, and the guys who work here seem to try to do their best.

There's good coverage of the event at http://www.cyberfight.org/

-- Report 27.3.2004 14:17:

Everything's going smoothly, even as we had problems crossing the border, as Danziger's passport is set to expire in 2 months.

First game played, against oracle. We won comfortably.

Check out http://www.progames.lv/ for their live links as well.

Video footage and pics coming.

There's one team from Sri Lanka, which is cool.

In addition to our team, D-Skyline is also participating from Finland.


   :: Intel Cyber Sport Cup

http://www.progames.lv/i..tion&action=&id= (Intel Pentium 4 Cyber Sport Cup)

Title: Intel Pentium 4 Cyber Sport Cup.
Event held in: Riga, Latvia, the Reval Hotel Latvija.

A number of roomy and well equipped conference halls for the correct placement of the necessary computer hardware, gaming and referee zones and installment of the plasma screens. A good throughput of spectators and fans. Optional accommodation of the participants at the hotel with special discounts 

Championship date: March 27-29, 2004 
Championship duration: 3 days
PC stations quantity: 160
Prize fund: 7000 EUR

Discipline: Half-Life Counter-Strike 1.6 (v6).
Registration of participants – EUR 20, - (EUR 100, - per team)
Number of participants: 320

The entrance fee for attending the Championship as a spectactor: 5 EUR / 3 LVL

   :: CS team praccing

The CS team is practising using the clanbase team http://www.clanbase.com/claninfo.php?cid=81246 (id 81246). Stay tuned, and shiver, opponents!

   :: Finnish victories!

The Finnish BF1942 and Counter-Strike teams have won the Clanbase nations cup tournaments.

..congrats and big respect to both teams!

   :: Counter-Strike team announced

The Counter-Strike team has been nominated.

The players are: diGitaL, Sheep, bloodR, Guardian, tihOp.

   :: WC3 team announced

The Warcraft 3 team has been announced.

   :: ESL Europen Nations Championship (ENC)

The ESL announces the European Nations Championship with 20.000€ prize money and LAN finals

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   :: Events

ESL Europen Nations Championship (ENC)
(updated 8.1.2004)

Intel Cyber Sport Cup
(updated 1.3.2004)

   :: News

Take-off for Cologne
(updated 3.9.2004)

ENC Finals postponed to 4th/5th September
(updated 19.7.2004)

Preparing for LAN Finals!
(updated 13.7.2004)

Win! Against Norway
(updated 3.6.2004)

Sverige förlorar!
(updated 23.5.2004)

Won Belgium!
(updated 11.5.2004)

Dooberi new CS captain
(updated 28.4.2004)

Victory over Ukraine
(updated 27.4.2004)

(updated 22.4.2004)

Raw video material from intel cyber cup
(updated 5.4.2004)

Intel Pentium 4 Cyber cup started
(updated 27.3.2004)

Intel Cyber Sport Cup
(updated 1.3.2004)

CS team praccing
(updated 9.2.2004)

Finnish victories!
(updated 7.2.2004)

Counter-Strike team announced
(updated 4.2.2004)

WC3 team announced
(updated 21.1.2004)

ESL Europen Nations Championship (ENC)
(updated 8.1.2004)

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